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Cononmk AC-4 flash light remote trigger, channel 4 AC flip-flop is for camera flash trigger controller, by the transmitter and the receiver is composed of two parts, using FM wireless remote control mode.

The signal transmitter uses the advanced circuit, which launches the radio wave which is transmitted by encoding. The circuit design has the standby function, and the power consumption is very low;

A battery, standby work up to one year or more; continuous triggering reachability 30000 times, trigger current of only 0.01 Ma, for any hot shoe seat with traditional and digital camera.

Receive triggers use battery powered, safe and energy saving, use simple;

By Microsoft computer control decoding, there is a strong anti-interference ability and very low power consumption;

The response is rapid and sensitive, and the maximum speed of the highest speed is 1/1000 seconds, which can meet the requirements of the synchronized flash of various types of shutter.




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