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Product Features

Cononmk AK4.0 HSS outdoor strobe light, which is small and light,east to take, rich color detail performance, fully meet the photographer's creative inspiration.
●Built in dual systems and one-click change system.
●The No.1 system FP mode can 9 brust every second.The No.2 system support HSS(1/8000s).
●Full output 1/1 to 1/64. It owns 7 stops aperture and adjustable by 1/3, which means total 19 stops.
●Compatible with Nikon ,Canon camera system.It aslo has 3G remote trigger to perfect remote control flash
●The remote has A group and B Group. ID channel (1 to 15).
●Mini Li-ion battery,double output, it can not only connect AK4.0, but one another Canon or Nikon speedlite.



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