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Product Features

DL4.0 is currently in the world the same power flash volume minimum, reflecting the era high-end video equipment precision, to meet today's professional photographer various shooting needs.

From all optical 1/1 to 1/64 output, with a 7 - level aperture coefficient

Flash system using IGBT control technology is currently the world's most advanced, so as to achieve the color performance and stability of the super high speed flash

Continuous high speed performance is particularly prominent, FP function in continuous per second up to 9 times speed flash photography in, so that you successfully capture key moment, fully rely on the

Strobe function of humanization design, provide great help for the photographer

Allows you to take a shot at different intensities, and can help you open up the creative field.

Allow adjustment strobe strobe, the distance between, can create outstanding performance in different environments



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