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DD400 AC/DC Strobe
●Suitable for the strict requirement of studio and outdoor photography. Equiped with car charger to connect with car power and being powered with 12V car power, which is pretty flexible.
Built-in wireless receiver;
Matched remote trigger enables user to remote set the output power of strobe and modelling light switch, etc;
Photographor can adjust its power with 7 f-stops and maintain its color temperature constantly;
Equiped with high-performance bipolar PK tube, which flash speed is much quicker than 1/9500S, meeting the special requirement of high-intensity and continuous photography.
●FP High-speed continous firing function: Confirm the High-speed continous shooting mode by pressing MANU button;
Enables user to shoot with combining High-speed flashing and continous shooting function, and multi-frames per second. The drive mode ahs been setup to FP flashing mode by quick flashing, which is suitable for those closer subject photographed and continous flashing shooting.
Both battery pack and AC current can supply power for this strobe. So, no matter studio or outdoor shooting, this strobe can work well and realize one light for general use.

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